Drawings and Paintings

Galerie Bob Gysin is happy to present Dominique Lämmli´s latest work and its presentation in love with planets – thrown over the edge.

The artist carries us away with her freshest drawings, paintings, lithos, lambda prints and an animation into worlds of dreams and fantasy where we meet not only monsters and lions but also blossoms and other plants. Doing so she uses all the graphic /pictorial possibilities at hand and creates works that are complex both technically and thematically. As with the drawings and lambdas, so the new lithos combine figurative drawing, pictorial and empty spaces into impressive landscapes.

Rooms of illusion are created by morphing between the second and third dimension where we are no longer able to localise ourselves. Lines turn into plains, linear structures are discernible; yet, exactly when they appear to become graspable, they vanish again and leave the contemplator astonished and surprised, as if for a while he would again perceive the world through the eyes of a child. Fragments of pictures interfere with each other, create volume and depth.

We are especially delighted to celebrate Dominique Lämmli´s publication in love with planets – thrown over the edge on occasion of her private view. With its complex pictures this artist´s book carries us away into forests and fields of flowers, up to the bears´ hiding-places.

Dominique Lämmli, in love with planets – thrown over the edge. Zürich: Niggli Verlag 2010. ISBN 978-3-7212-0767-5

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Dominique Lämmli: Drawings and Paintings

Z-09-43 - 2009, Drawing/Painting on paper, 2 Sheets each 152 x 122 cm

Dominique Lämmli: Drawings and Paintings

Spike 1 2009 - Drawings and Paintings

Dominique Lämmli: Drawings and Paintings

Dominique Lämmli - Drawings and Paintings