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«We converted the gallery space in Zurich over the winter. In addition to new workspaces for the architecture office, a small «Forum» has been created. In it, we will exhibit an important piece of art two or three times a year. This piece will be discussed with art historians at a public event.

The consideration of art and its mediation has to do with concentration and time for contemplation. In a fast-paced age of mass consumption, we want to bring this decelerated examination of art back into focus.

We hope thereby to pursue an enriching and at the same time modest direction of art education. The time when I ran the gallery as an art «business» - over 45 years - was very enriching and I never would want to miss it. But it's time to go new ways.»

The headquarters of the gallery Bob Gysin remain in Zurich. Here, individual works from the Bob and Kathrin Gysin collection are presented at irregular intervals. Upon registration, the works distributed throughout the building and the outdoor sculpture area can be visited all year round.

Die 2016 gegründete Galérie Privée liegt im provenzalischen Städtchen Lacoste, unweit des Schlosses des Marquis de Sade und ist nur eine knappe Fahrstunde von Avignon entfernt. Während den Sommermonaten werden Werke aus der Sammlung Bob und Kathrin Gysin gezeigt. Im Olivengarten sind Kunst-Instellationenen von Andrea Wolfensberger, Christoph Brünggel und Carmen Perrin zu sehen.

Founded in 2016, the Galérie Privée is located in the Provencal town of Lacoste, near the castle of Marquis de Sade and just over an hour's drive from Avignon. During the summer months, works from the Bob Collection and Kathrin Gysin will be shown. In the olive garden, there are art installations by Andrea Wolfensberger, Christoph Brünggel, and Carmen Perrin.